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Healthy snack for kids (& adults)😋🍯🥜

I wanted to share the recipe for the peanut butter cheerio snack I posted because I got a few messages on how I made them. It’s so easy, literally less than two minutes to prep!

1 cup of peanut butter

1 cup of honey

Chia seeds (as desired)

Multi grain Cheerios

First you combine the peanut butter & honey in a bowl and microwave them for one minute. Then pull the bowl out and stir in the chia seeds. Once the three are combined evenly and smooth add in the Cheerios. Continue stirring until all Cheerios are coated evenly w/mix. Lastly, shape the Cheerios into palm-sized balls and place on wax paper to cool. Once they’ve cooled and hardened a bit they’re ready to eat & enjoy!

That’s it!!! So easy, right?! & such a great healthy snack for kids instead of potato chips or cookies. & they’re perfect for on the go:)


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