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Summer is finally here! I know I’m not the only one who’s dying to hit the beach/pool/water park with our little babes! Spending the day in the sun with the water to help us cool down is my favorite. Here are my fun in the sun essentials to make sure your little babes stay comfortable & protected for those hot summer days. 

Number one: SWIMSUIT!

This is the most fun, how many cute & fun options we have to choose from is a bit overwhelming, especially for girls, am I right? I prefer a two piece swim suit on Brielle just for the simple fact that it allows me easier access to her diaper. Also, now that she’s bigger and really likes to go all out in the sun, the more coverage the better! So as cute as her belly looks in a short two piece, I prefer to keep it covered to prevent sunburn. 

Number two: COVERUPS! 

If you can’t resist that adorable two piece swimsuit & I don’t blame you, a coverup is a must!!! & it makes it so much easier for us moms to take baby in & out of the water with a coverup, without having to change their clothes over & over.

Number three: SUNBLOCK!

Ok, choosing a sunblock is hard because there’s so many different ones…I’m still trying different ones to see which one I like best, so if you have a favorite please share! Right now I’m using the Aveeno baby, so far I haven’t had any problems with it. Brielle has really sensitive skin & breaks out in a rash so I’m really careful about what I put on her skin. This one has an SPF of 55, fragrance free and has oatmeal to help soothe her skin. Again, I’m willing to try new ones, my next purchase is the THINK BABY sunscreen. It has less SPF than the Aveeno baby, but it has great reviews for sensitive skin. The important thing is to apply it as directed, I know I’m not the only one who forgets to reapply sometimes. 😅

Number four: SUN BONNET/HAT

Its so important to keep your babes protected from the sun, especially their tiny heads and face. Sun bonnets are my first pick. Obviously I’m obsessed with babes in bonnets. Now that Brielle is walking & exploring, & not under the shade with me at all times, a brimmed bonnet is a must. The brim keeps her entire face covered & more importantly her eyes. Brielle’s not a big fan of wearing sunglasses, so I feel better with a brimmed bonnet or hat to help with keeping the sun out of her eyes as well.


A saggy diaper is definitely not the way to go for a day out in the water. And a diaper free bum isn’t exactly ideal either. The huggie swimmers are an excellent pick for just that. That way I can feel confident that Brielle won’t have any accidents in the water. I carry a couple of these bad boys in my bag to keep her comfortable in the water. 


Water resistant shoes are important for both baby & mom. For one, you want your little one to be comfortable while their exploring, and if their not wearing water resistant shoes that means their gonna ruin a pair of good shoes. Trust me I learned that the hard way. I like jelly sandals for pool days to help keep her feet safe from the hot cement but also to keep her toes nice and breezy. Water shoes are better if she’s gonna be walking on sand, especially the lake where theirs a lot of rough sand or rocks. 

Number seven: FLOATS 

Floats for a baby are important to help keep them safe in deep water. Of course never leave them unattended regardless, but having them on a baby float makes the whole experience a lot more comfortable for the both of you. I scored this one at Ross for $5!!! & works like a dream:) 

There you have it, my fun in the sun essentials for baby. Short & simple to ensure comfort & safety. Happy summer!!! 🌞🌊💕


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