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Baby’s corner.

One of the challenges I had becoming a mom was sharing my space. I had to do a lot of de cluttering before she arrived. I literally had to get rid of all my old furniture in order to make this whole thing work.

I’m pretty good at organizing in limited space, I try hard to keep a place for everything so it’s easy to pick up after Brielle. It’s also important to think about how you’re space will have to transition from baby friendly to toddler friendly within a year. 

I made a specific corner in my room to be Brielle’s. This corner first consisted of her crib, which she never ever slept in. *major eye roll!

It’s now been replaced with her play kitchen & toy chest. I also use to have her teepee set up there too, but I moved it into the other room where we watch tv, she likes to chill in there. I like to keep her section of the room appealing to the eye, which means keeping it tidy. I display her cute wooden toys, and keep her other random/plastic toys in her toy chest or inside the cupboards. I love making her kitchen look as realistic as possible, and you can find some of the cutest wooden/steal accessories to achieve that just about anywhere. 

I’ve picked up most of her pieces from target, Michaels, and Ross. All the wooden toys are from the brand Melissa & Doug. The wooden crates I’ve picked up from both Michaels & Ross. They always have crates, & they’re perfect for storing toys, books, even blankets. I got her kitchen off amazon by the brand kidkraft. Her toy chest was a gift from my mom, she found it at Ross. It’s a little too kiddish for my taste, but at the time it matched my lilac curtains & bedspread. It’s a beautiful color & works great to store Brielle’s bigger toys, so I made it work by placing a plank of wood? (Not sure the correct term) I got at Michaels over the elephant print. This worked out by making it look like a mini countertop where I placed her bookshelf. 

As for her wall I really wanted a bulletin board to display pictures of her, this way I stay motivated to get actual prints rather than hoarding them in my phone. I love greens and wall plants, but I can’t have any ceiling plants installed, idk if that’s the correct term & all, but whatever…so I settled with an artificial green leaf garland to hang on her wall & used it to drape over the paper banner I made with her name on it. I love the way it turned out, and way easier to have than actual greens. 

I try hard to keep fresh flowers on top of her kitchen in mason jars inside a wire basket, this way she can’t pull the jars & drop them over her head. Fresh flowers always add a nice touch. 

Neutral colors are my main focus so that it’s easy to bring in new pieces. White, cream, & light grey tones are my go to’s while allowing her books/toys to give small pops of color. I also pinned a dream catcher as her mobile over her crib when she was a baby. I love the meaning of dream catchers & decided that I’d keep it in her room as she grows. It’s a beautiful keepsake.

The rest of my room is just my bed, dressers, and my rocking chair. It all flows pretty nicely & I’m pretty impressed on how I made it all come together. Thank god for two closets tho because I could never ever make that work! Lol

  • Toys/decor:
  • Artificial green leaf garland: Michaels 
  • DIY banner w/her name: Michaels 
  • Wooden coffee set by Melissa & Doug 
  • Wooden cleaning rack by Melissa & Doug 
  • Artificial mini succulent: target
  • Bookshelf: target
  • Mini globe: Ross
  • Steel pots & pans w/rack by Melissa & Doug
  • Mini red barn w/farm animals: Michaels 
  • Mini cooking aprons: San Jose flea market 
  • White floor rug: Costco 
  • Farmers market wooden crates: Ross
  • Mini cow crate: Michaels 
  • Mini wooden cutting board: target
  • Mini wooden serving tray: Joanne’s craft store
  • Mini cake stand: Joanne’s craft store
  • Teepee: amazon 
  • Gray sheepskin rug: Costco
  • Dream catcher: San Jose flea market 

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did, and that it’s left an impression on you. Maybe sparked some ideas/inspiration for your babies play room. 

2.5 seconds after shooting.. (this is nothing.)

Xoxo, Kim.


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