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Lou Lou, who?

Let me tell you about my favorite online shop because I guarantee that it will not disappoint any mamas out there, yeah Loulou&company is that good. If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve noticed me mention this brand before so bare with me while I explain why I love their products so much.
Okay, so I found this brand after Brielle was born on Instagram, which was a total bummer otherwise I guarantee that I would have had Brielle in one of their newborn bundles in the hospital. She was about 3 months when I found them & followed them back on the gram. In the beginning I felt like their stuff was way over priced, but I followed back because it was pretty to look at…then after a while I noticed all the great feedback they’d get on their page from their customers, so I thought “what the hell” & made my first purchase with them.

My first purchase was a white swaddle blanket that had been discounted at the time. When it arrived I was honestly pretty damn pleased with it, it was soft & lightweight, and bigger than all my other swaddle blankets! It soon became my favorite blanket to wrap Brielle in or throw over her while I breastfed out in public. I knew that I needed another one ASAP!

For my second purchase I decided that I was going to invest a little more $ & actually get a swaddle that wasn’t discounted, so that I could actually see what LouLou&Company’s true standards were. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed if I already loved their discounted merchandise, so I went with the Hannah Swaddle & the salmon vintage lace headband bow to match. OMG. When it finally arrived, I could not believe how soft & beautiful this blanket was. It had so much stretch, & it was even bigger than the first blanket. The salmon colored bow matched beautifully with it, & the quality of these items is AMAZING. To this day, the Hannah swaddle is Brielle’s favorite.

I then started noticing that the headband bow I got from them was also becoming my favorite on Brielle. Not only because it was beautiful but because it was the only bow that actually stayed on her head all day. And because it’s a nylon headband, it also didn’t leave any marks on her head. It was nice having an accessory that fit her comfortably and best of all, ONE SIZE FITS ALL! I know I’m not the only one who hates guessing their babes size.

I would have totally purchased more nylon headbands, but her hair started getting so long that I went with the clip option soon after. These bows are such great quality. I’ve bought bows from other shops and regular stores at the mall & no other bows do what these bows do: hold her hair. The alligator clips they attach to them hold so well in her long hair, I don’t even have to use a rubber band to hold her hair out of her face. I simply just grab the front of her hair that frames her face, twist it & clip it back with their bows. Simple!

Obviously I was hooked on all their stuff, especially their swaddles. I just hadn’t tried they’re mittens yet since Brielle was already to big for them. Luckily, three of my friends became pregnant & I knew from the beginning what I was going to gift them. Yup, a newborn bundle! The bundle comes with a swaddle, mittens, and your choice of a hat or headband. All three friends absolutely loved their bundle. They tell me all the time how much use they get out of it, and how it’s their favorite blanket to swaddle their little babes in too. Ohhhh & apparently the mittens are the only ones that actually stay on their babies hands without falling off, ever.

So there you have it, the reasons behind my go to online shop. Loulou&Company is worth every penny, and since then they’ve also dropped their prices & hold sales every Monday on particular items under “Monday markdown”. Now I know that they’re stuff isn’t over priced, it’s just high quality merchandise that’ll become an everyday necessity for all new mamas. You’ll be using your swaddle from newborn stage all the way up to toddler stage. Seriously, my 5 year old niece still fits in it.  Check them out, I promise you won’t regret it.

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