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Easter basket🌿🐰🌷💕

Brielle’s Easter outfit.💕

Easter is almost here, so I thought I’d share some goodies that I’ve collected to put Brielle’s Easter basket together. This is Brielle’s 2nd Easter, but I’m much more excited this time around because she was only 2 months last year. To be honest, I didn’t even bother getting her anything last year because she was too small. My friend Alex was actually the one who got her an Easter basket, it was the sweetest. All I did was get her an outfit because who can resist those sweet floral dresses.

Anyway, now my sweet girl is one, so she can somewhat participate on the festivities.🌿🐰💕

I actually haven’t made up my mind on where I’m placing all her easter goodies in yet, in the past a basket was a given of course, but now we have so many options!!! Baskets, crates, tin buckets, get the picture. I’m actually recycling a crate and silver tin that I had picked up to use as decor for her birthday party + a tiny basket and I recently picked up an adorable bunny bag for her egg hunt. I’ll see which of these works better when the day gets closer, I just couldn’t resist not getting the bunny bag, so cute. It’s nice to have options, and I love how we can make their easter baskets so personal nowadays.🐣

This is the crate I used for her birthday. I filled it up with some of her Easter goodies as a mock basket. Just to show you an example of what it will look like.

I’ve collected a few handmade items from some of my favorite small shops and a few others from target and Costco to fill her basket. I just think it’s nice to know that we can fill their basket with useful items that we as parents were planning on buying anyway. Example of those that I picked up are toothbrushes + toothpaste, a sippy cup, boogie wipes, and baby dishware. Then other things to get her ready for the upcoming warm seasons like stockings, spring bows, a new hat/bonnet, sunglasses, and a spring outfit.

Then of course you can add a little fun to their basket by picking up Easter theme goodies, target always has the best options for kids in their dollar section to throw into the mix. I picked up some bubbles, a beauty kit made out of wood, some mini linen tea towels, and some adorable stuffed carrots for her kitchen. As well as, a set of Dr. Seuss block books that I found at Costco for a very good price. My sister had previously picked up a headband with bunny ears from the target brand Cat & Jack that I’m going to add in to her basket as well.

As for edible treats, since Brielle is only one and I’m not to fond over her eating candy, I’m picking up some alternative options like the gerber yogurt melts, cheese puffs, and fruit snacks. I’m also adding a small carton of goldfish, and I’m thinking of making my own baby trail mix with mini Oreos, marshmallows, Cheerios, raisins and animal crackers to fill her eggs with. I’ll most likely give in and let her have a lollipop or a peep or two, because if I don’t my sisters will sneak her one anyway.🤷🏽‍♀️

I can’t wait to put it all together, even though she probably won’t care too much for most of these things since she’s only one, lol. I wish I would have been more prepared last year with ideas to fill up an easter basket for a two month old. Those of you with younger babes than my own, who obviously don’t eat anything but formula/breast milk, you have other options for your little babes like, teethers, swaddles, shoes/socks, travel size toiletries like wipes, shampoo, and baby lotion. A cute stuffed animal, a book, bib, binky, cute onesie? Literally so many options..! It’s fun to be creative, and holidays really do get better once you have kids. 😊

I hope I gave a few good ideas for some of you working on your babies easter basket, and I encourage everyone to get creative and make their baskets beautiful, fun, and personal. Try your hardest to avoid the pre-packaged baskets you see in stores.

Happy Spring to youall.🌷🌿💕🐣


2 thoughts on “Easter basket🌿🐰🌷💕

    1. Yes, things like this definitely do get better as they grow. It’s so fun to watch them hunt for eggs, & also I had a lot of fun putting this years easter basket together based off her persona! 😅💕😍


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