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It’s been over a week since Brielle turned the big bad one. It really is insane how much babies change in just one year. They hit so many milestones to ensure you stay on your toes, literally!

Looking back at this year is bittersweet. I’m now working on transitioning my life from having a baby into having a toddler. Wow, I really can’t believe how fast that went.

I loved watching her grow and discover all the things she now knows. She’s days away from walking. She cruises like a pro, she stands on her own and has already taken her first steps, she just hasn’t been consistent. Mainly because she gets to excited and try’s to run, lol. For all you mamas that are worried about your baby not walking before they turn one, don’t stress. All babies are different, some walk as early as 9 months and some walk at 13 months…no biggie.

Aside from her walking, Brielle is pretty darn smart! She understands everything I tell her, and if I ask her a yes or no question she answers. Her favorite answer is already no, typical.๐Ÿ™„ She can say ma, nana, yeah, no, and titi. She points at things she wants, and loves to argue in her own language, (it’s pretty hilarious.) She’s down to one nap a day unless she’s really exhausted then she’ll take two. If you wink at her, she’ll wink back at you, she can wave goodbye, and clap her hands, and even blow kisses! She understands when there is a smaller baby around because she’ll point at them and whisper bb really really low, and give them gentle kisses on the forehead.


I loved Brielle as a baby, she was literally the best baby I could ever imagine. She slept really well, thinking back I believe she only kept me up one night…and it was only because she was sick, so I rocked her to sleep all night in the rocking chair. She was an easy first baby and I am forever grateful.


Now that she’s turning into a toddler, I can see that she’s gonna give me a run for my money. This little girl is full of sass, and already throws some pretty big tantrums!! She can definitely fend for herself when she’s playing with her older cousins, trust me I’ve seen it! I’ll definitely have my hands full from this point forward.

My goal for Brielle’s first year is to teach her as much as I possibly can. I want to teach her to be kind, because no one needs to get taught to be mean. CLEARLY. Lol! (She’s not mean, just a little moody.) Lastly, to use her imagination. I don’t want her to get stuck behind a tablet, I rather have her play outside and breath fresh air, than to have her sit still behind a little screen.

My advice for those moms who haven’t hit the one year mark is to simply enjoy it. Take lots of photos and keep track of all their milestones and small changes because once they happen they come and go so fast. Only thing I wish I would have had was a pregnancy journal, so if you’re expecting don’t let that be your mistake too.

If your a mama with any helpful tips or advice please feel free to share.๐Ÿ˜Š


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