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Brielle’s 1st birthday ๐ŸŽˆ


For Brielle’s first birthday I decided to go with a rustic farm theme, ultimately what led me to this theme was my love for fall decor. Luckily I decided on the theme months and months in advance that I got to score on all the adorable props I used for at least 50% off their original price at Michaels.

I also had plenty of time to plan and get creative. That was probably my favorite part about planning this party. I made all the goodie bags, and banners myself, and Brielle’s grandpa and uncle made the barn and adorable farm animals. My mom impressed me by making her cow piรฑata right at home using newspaper, cardboard, and tissue paper. Oh and all her beautifully handmade treats for the desert table were made by my Tia. In the end I decided to bake her cake at home just because I felt like what I wanted was simple enough to do it myself. So I did, I made buttercream frosting from scratch and baked about 8 boxes of cake mix the night before, lol. Attention to detail is what made it all so beautiful.

I’d say that the key accents to having a farm theme party was the red barn and hay for photos. All the chicken, cow, pig, horse, and sheep goodies you can get your hands on. And lastly for that rustic feel, all the wooden crates you can find with mason jars and fresh flowers!


I kept all the little babes entertained with games and prizes. We had pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, and lasso the horse, (played this one by tying rope to a hula hoop and taaadahhh! Lasso that horse kids!) I got all the prizes at the dollar store..surprisingly they have a whole bunch of stuff for kids, I chose coloring books, clay, sidewalk chalk, and jump ropes.

Brielle looked like she had the best day, and it was nice to just eat good food and watch the kids play. Originally I wanted an outdoor party, but the weather is so unpredictable in February that I decided to be safe and keep it indoors. Thank goodness for that because the weather did not work in my favor that day, I even had to cancel the jump house last minute. Boo for that, but I think the kids survived without it, (what I really mean is the parents survived, ha!)


Anyway, I’ve had a couple people ask about the treats my aunt made. She does do custom orders on practically any theme you can think of so if you’re interested please message me for her contact info.


Happy 1st birthday to my little babe, Brielle Reign. Thank you all for the birthday wishes.๐ŸŽˆ






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