What’s in my diaper bag?

I thought it’d be cool to blog about my diaper bag essentials. They have changed a bit since the earlier stages, my bag has definitely gotten a lot lighter since, lol.

img_8933Diaper bag necessities of course start with diapers & wipes. I use huggies for both, Brielle has used a few other brands and they all worked out, thankfully no rashes, but I decided to stick with huggies. I also carry baby lotion and baby powder, but travel sizes because I don’t always need some on the go, so why carry the extra weight.

As for clothes, it varies. When she was smaller I liked to have at least three different outfits just in case she spit up or had any blow outs because it was better to be safe than sorry! Now depending on the weather I’ll sometimes carry two or just one with an extra sweater. Usually I’ll have her dressed up for the day & pack a onesie & comfy sweatpants for later if it gets cold or if I just want her to feel more comfortable. Socks are also in my diaper bag because sometimes during the day it’s warm so I won’t put any socks on her feet then later it gets cold and I need socks, so always carry extra socks. So far, I only like old navy socks because all the other kind fall off her feet, and putting socks on a mobile baby can be so annoying. I always carry a beanie if it’s really cold out, but more than likely a bonnet is always in my bag, I prefer them over beanies because they stay on without falling over her eyes or off her head. Plus they cover her whole head & ears, & she looks freakin adorable in them! Oh, & she doesn’t get too hot in them either. The ones I’ve purchased are handmade, they just seem to fit better and their a lot easier to find online than in a department store.

Aside from clothes, I have to always remember to pack bibs! I forget sometimes because I didn’t put them on her in the beginning and I preferred to use burping clothes since she would just breastfeed, but of course now I use bibs since she eats real food…and loves to self feed & make a mess!

A few extra things I like to carry is sanitizer and I’ve been loving the spray on lavender one from the honest company. Lavender scents remind me of newborn Brielle, so I’m obsessed! Boogie wipes are a necessity for me, especially when your little babe has a cold. It’s easier to clean their noses with these and doesn’t make their noses all red from rubbing them against harsh tissue. And for me, since I’m a breastfeeding mama, nursing pads. I don’t like the reusable ones, so the lansinoh disposable pads work great for me. A few toys for Brielle, I change them up every once in a while. Lately her “cellphone” & any book will keep her occupied..for now anyway.

Lastly, my swell bottle. I drink a lot of water, so I use to always carry about three bottles of water until I got this bottle as a gift. Now I just carry this one bottle and it keeps my water nice & cold throughout the whole day even if I leave it in the car. It’s great. It also keeps my tea hot for almost the entire day.

And that’s pretty much it! Other than my wallet of course.


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