Petunia pickle bottom.

img_5760When Brielle was first born I really didn’t want one of those cartoon character or hot pink diaper bags that scream I have a baby!! I wanted something modern & practical. That’s when I found the boxy backpack from Petunia pickle bottom!!

This diaper bag has saved my ass on so many occasions because a lot of the time it’s just Brielle & me, so that meant that I’d have to carry the diaper bag & her in the infant car seat along to run errands or dr. appointments. Since the diaper bag can be carried either over the shoulder or as a backpack, it made being on the go with her so much easier. Personally I like wearing it as a backpack more often than over the shoulder. (A lot less painful on your shoulders too!)


Aside from that, it has plenty of pockets to organize all your things & so much space! The best part is that it has a built in changing station!!! I can not stress this feature enough because there will be times when you’re out with your baby and you’ll need to change their diaper & have no where to do it. Unfortunately, not every bathroom has a baby changing station, so having this is a life changer! Plus I feel much more comfortable putting her down on this comfy changing pad, rather than on a germy bathroom changing station or counter.  It’s easy to remove too, so you can wash it.

Honestly, I love this diaper bag, and I have gotten so many compliments on it too. I recommend this bag to all my momma friends every chance I get, totally worth every penny.



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