Shit happens. Literally shit.

img_8848Last night while I took Brielle her bath, she decided that it was the perfect time to unload. Unfortunately, this has happened before. Anyway, I thought it’d be a funny story to share to let you guys in on real life with a baby, because it’s not always rainbows & butterflies.

img_8530Ok, so her bath started like any other. She sometimes cries when I first put her in the water, so I splash her with her toys and make her laugh until she feels comfortable. Then I wash her hair & move down to the rest of her body. As I’m scrubbing her toes I hear her make an “ugh” sound, so I look at her & say, “oh no, you better not Brielle.” Of course I lift her to check if anything is coming out of her butt, & there it was…a tiny little turd. I quickly scooped it up & tossed it in the toilet. Next thing you know, I’m holding Brielle up with one arm and holding my other hand under her butt while she continues to shit in my hand. Once she’s done I throw the rest in the toilet, wash my hands, then clean her butt. I then sit her back down in her bath, and continue her bath.

The whole time I was trying to avoid having her crap in the water because then I have to dump it all out, sanitize everything & refill the water to finish rinsing her. So as I’m finishing, I decide to give her butt one last scrub & as soon as I pick her up there was more crap underneath her. lol I guess she wasn’t done after all. So of course I had to do everything I was trying to avoid doing.

Disgusting, I know. But I honestly don’t get grossed out by her, at all. Weird how that happens. That’s true and honest motherhood for you. It’s messy. It’s gross. But it’s real. Anyone else’s babies seem to like shitting in the bath? Lol

I guess Brielle & I won’t be taking any flower baths together.😂



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