img_8832I know what you’re thinking…a New Years resolution post? Typical, right. Yes, those post can be quite a bit of eye rolling or maybe a lot depending on who’s posting, and yes it’s already three weeks into January so what’s the point?

Well here’s my point. It’s three weeks into January & how are those resolutions going? Have you started? Have you given up already? Or maybe you didn’t even bother to make any because you’re one of those, “new year, same me.” 🙄  Honestly I hate those people that try & take the excitement out of a new year, yes a lot of ppl don’t accomplish any of their goals, but hey at least they try. So please don’t be one of those people that puts down others for wanting change.

Anyway, here are some of my goals:

  • start something new (blogging😉)
  • drink more water💦
  • Eat better not less🍴
  • Stay active🏃🏽‍♀️
  • Go outside as much as possible🌞
  • Be positive & kind💕
  • Go back to school📚
  • Be the best version of myself for Brielle👶🏻

My goals are simple, but enough to keep me on track. My ultimate goal is to just be an all around better human being because there is way too much hate and negativity in the world and I really don’t want Brielle to grow up around that. I wanna set the best example for her to always be kind, live happily and healthy.


2017 just started, my best advice is to focus on yourself to build a better you. Get rid of all the negative energy, and don’t stress over the little things. Instead enjoy the even smaller things & drink more water.🙃



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